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The Conversation

Now that we’ve been blogging for a few weeks, I’ve had a chance to lay my eyes on every single blog, if not every single post. I’ve commented on some of them directly, posted some comments on PowerSchool (see Blog Check 1), and talked to some people in person. I like most of what I’ve seen so far. However, there’s one aspect of the blog assignment that I think some of you are still missing…

Step back and look at your blog. Ask yourself: does my blog reflect that I’m participating in ongoing conversations beyond my blog? If not, what conversations are out there right now related to my chosen topics? What websites/blogs might provide an opportunity to read stories related to those conversations?

Add some links to your sidebar. Link to stories in your posts. It doesn’t have to be every post, but it should be at least half of what you’re doing on the blog.

Again, I like where we’re at; I just want to nudge some of you a little.


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Posts for the Term

A series of blog-related announcements:

  1. This is our last week of blogging for the term; the final posts should be posted no later than Feb. 26.
  2. You should have 27 posts dated between December 19 and Feb. 26.
  3. We will resume blogging the first week of third term.

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Blogging Update

Hey Folks.

I’ve been asked to check on how many blog posts you should need at this point. The first check came on December 18. Not including the week we’re in, you should have 18 more posts from December 19 on.

When will I check? Soon.

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Remember how I said I wanted you to start using links and block quotes to enter into public conversations on your blog? Here are some examples from honest-to-goodness bloggers:

That last example, by the way, is by a former student who started her blog for AP Lang & Comp. Not sure of how to add links and block quotes? I’ll be happy to talk about it in class, but click those links in the last sentence for previously-posted instructions.

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Blogs Emeritus

I’ve already linked a few blogs to the site, over on the side there, under “Blogs Emeritus.” Strictly speaking, it’s not the most appropriate title I could’ve come up with, as these bloggers haven’t retired. In fact, the whole point is that they’ve continued blogging after they could’ve stopped. It’s an honorary thing, designed to continue funneling traffic in their direction. I may add more under that category later. Take a look at them to get a sense of what good blogs might look like.

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