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We haven’t had time to address this yet in the new calendar year, but the start of January seems like a good time to remind you of the rules of this blogging game. Writing three blog posts per week is not easy, and inevitably, over the course of the year, a few people cut corners in ways that seem harmless at the time but will do serious damage to your grade later. This post is meant to help you avoid that fate.

I expect that everything you’re writing on your blog is written by  you. If you’re quoting something, use the “quotation” button on WordPress (next to the numbered list button), and don’t expect to get word-count credit for those words.

If you copy material from somewhere else online and paste it into your post, even if you change the wording a little, that’s plagiarism. If you’re confused about this at all, please consult the page on Canvas called “Academic Dishonesty.” Hey, here’s a link.


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