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This is the first of the semi-regular posts I’ll do, highlighting some of the interesting work happening on the AP Lang blogs.

RunSingSmile reflects on the pros and cons of listening to music while running. Yes, there are cons:

 I’ve tried both, and after a run where I’m constantly listening to my iPod, I don’t feel as content or peaceful as I do when I run in silence. Running has a meditative quality. When my mind is free to wander and it’s not being bombarded by music, my worries and stresses fall away with each step I take, and I’m able to appreciate the beauty that surrounds me on a beautiful day.


Meanwhile, on other blogs…

BeyondClutch was relieved by the Hawkeyes’ win over Minnesota… which tells you all you need to know about 2012 Iowa football so far.

On It’s Whatever, Meghan responds to the presence of eigth-graders–eighth-graders!–wandering the halls of Kennedy.

And on the Fancy Popular News, an anonymous blogger wonders why celebrities can’t learn to drive.

Finally, Zappy critiques YA lit. But she’s winking while she says it, so I’m not sure she’s serious.


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