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The Conversation

Now that we’ve been blogging for a few weeks, I’ve had a chance to lay my eyes on every single blog, if not every single post. I’ve commented on some of them directly, posted some comments on PowerSchool (see Blog Check 1), and talked to some people in person. I like most of what I’ve seen so far. However, there’s one aspect of the blog assignment that I think some of you are still missing…

Step back and look at your blog. Ask yourself: does my blog reflect that I’m participating in ongoing conversations beyond my blog? If not, what conversations are out there right now related to my chosen topics? What websites/blogs might provide an opportunity to read stories related to those conversations?

Add some links to your sidebar. Link to stories in your posts. It doesn’t have to be every post, but it should be at least half of what you’re doing on the blog.

Again, I like where we’re at; I just want to nudge some of you a little.


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