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Over on the right, you’ll see what I hope are some helpful links. I’ve given a list of some professional bloggers, in case the form is new to you. I also included links to some bloggers from years past, though I’ve not yet updated that with any ’11-’12 AP Lang bloggers. Also, along the top, there are tabs that will take you to the general assignment guidelines, and to a general statement of purpose for the blog assignment.

Please create a link to this page in the sidebar of your own blog. When I get around to it, there will be a complete list of ’12-’13 AP Lang bloggers down the right-hand side, which will give you access to the blogs of your classmates. Until I do that, your blog will only be accessible to those you give your blog address to, or those who randomly happen upon it (which is unusual for a brand-new blog).

I will use this blog to post blog-related announcements, give tips on how to do what you’re doing, and to highlight particularly good work on student blogs. So check in now and again.


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