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Committing to Topics

We’re finally there. You’re going to choose topics, and begin blogging. But first, I want you to do a few things.

1) Read the following short piece by Brian Jay Stanley. It’s called “Everything Is Interesting,” and it should ease some of the concerns about whether something makes a “good” topic for blogging. Short answer: there are no bad topics. The link is here.

2) Glance at some of these posts that we have deemed Good Bloggers. The links are after the “jump” (that is, the break between what is shown on the front page and what is hidden; click “continue reading” below to see what is beyond the jump).

3) Please complete your “About This Blog” page by next Thursday. We are happy to have conversations with you about your topics whenever you like.

And now, the jump…



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Jen Teitle–wife and fellow occasional blogger–pointed me toward the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s website. They are “lawyers, policy analysts, activists, and technologists” who work for the public interest in matters related to the Internet and free speech. They have a lot of materials worth clicking around for, but most interesting for AP Lang is their FAQ sheet about student bloggers’ legal rights, based on legal precedents. I highly recommend that you all review the page in the next couple of weeks. Here’s a sample:


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