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If you’re reading this, you’re probably an AP Lang student wondering how this blogging thing is going to work. Here’s a brief guide to this site.

There are four kinds of things you’ll find here:

  1. Instructions for the assignment. There are two tabs at the top if you ever need some basic reminders about what I want you to do on your blogs. “The Assignment” give you the simple outline; “Why We Blog” is a more detailed explanation of my rationale for including them as a part of the AP Lang & Comp curriculum.
  2. A series of “how to” posts to help you blog. If you want to know how to include images or video in your posts, or you’re having trouble adding a link, click on “Blogging 101” on the right hand side and scroll through for instructions.
  3. Fellow students’ blogs. If you want to find other AP Lang students’ blogs to help spur some ideas of your own, or you’re just curious to see what others are doing, they’re all listed on the side. I will also periodically highlight some student blogs with a post on Kennedy Blogs.
  4. Other examples of blogs.  I’ve also included links to some really good blogs, so that you can see what highly successful bloggers have done. This includes professional bloggers like Andrew Sullivan and Nate Silver, and also KHS grads who started their blogs in AP Lang & Comp. This includes one student who recently blogged for the Obama re-election campaign, and another who is blogging for a women’s center at a Big 10 university.

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